What makes architecture so integral is its consequentiality. It acts as frame of reference from which we gain identity as a people, between one another, and between our environments. It is an awareness of and a willingness to craft our past, present, and future histories through a spatial dimension. When the ambitions of architecture change, it is a reorientation of that frame of reference through which we understand our place in the world, and how we look backward and forward at ourselves as a people. 

Manfredo Tafuri is in many ways correct about architecture: There is no escape from capitalism, and architecture is an extension of that project. As architecture has moved away from the the universalizing ideology of progress, to the tenuous ideology of meaning, and finally toward an ideology of critical reflection and enterprising resistance which is uneasy and critical, necessary but disruptive. As architecture affirms human experience and engenders its own performative capacity, it begins to stand defiant in the face of an uncertain future.

I have both written about and designed for dynamic built works, whose formal or in-formal qualities are not expressions of universalizing ideals, but rather are reflections of the inconsistent, fractured, and localized landscape of human experience over time. This is the escape - a certain building against the metropolis, a retreat from capitalism - that recentres architecture on community and the individual, on expressing the values of a people rather than the totalizing universals of the late capitalism which Tafuri warned against

This portfolio is my journey through recognizing design as a conscious critical project, recognizing that architecture must respond to the city, to the everyday experience of people, and to the systemic issues which define the contemporary condition of the metropolis. It is my recognition of architecture's imperfect ambition which is often chaotic and incoherent, and yet vitally important. These projects are the beginning of my own project: the hope for an architecture which is defined, rather than defeated by its own uncertainty.